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Parasites: Are They Related To Allergies and Cancer?

Parasites Influence Or Cause Hundreds Of Illnesses

Parasites and other hidden microbes infest not only the intestinal tract but also migrate into the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, lung, stomach and every part of the organ system. There can be many species of parasites infecting different parts of one’s organs at the same time. Specific treatment may be required for each parasite.

Parasites And Allergies

Allergy problems have been on the rise for the last 50 years. Over 20% of the U.S. population is suffering from allergy related problems. This increase has coincided with the increase in the incidence of all chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and cancer.

Allergies have been associated with a whole list of symptoms including asthma, eczema, irritable bowel syndrome, ADD/ADHD, chronic sinusitis and bronchitis, canker sores, bedwetting, ear infections, dermatitis and hives, joint pain, behavioral problems and migraine headaches. This is only a partial list of allergy related symptoms.

Is there a missing link between allergies, allergy treatments, and parasites?

As an example, night coughs and asthma have been frequently associated with Ascaris (roundworms) in the lung. Bloating, flatulence, nausea, and change in appetite have been associated with gallbladder/liver involvement from Strongyloides (parasites) or liver flukes (another form of parasites).

Allergies and parasites are intimately related from an alternative medicine perspective. Yet they seem so far apart in the conventional medical understanding of the role of parasites in allergies. Unfortunately, parasite infestations are hard to detect by the current medical tests of standard blood tests, stool ova and parasite evaluation. Most of the parasites are deeply embedded in the organs and very difficult to eradicate. They reproduce quickly and migrate to different parts of the body.

Conventional medical treatments for allergy related symptoms are mainly designed to suppress the symptoms. The treatments rarely correct the underlying problems. They may even create a condition for the proliferation of chronic degenerative medical conditions later in life.

Parasites are only one example of the causes of allergies. One should also explore other potential causes such as environmental pollution, heavy metal toxicity, hidden dental infections, and unresolved emotions that trigger responses which mimic the allergic reactions. (See the "Five Primary Causes Of Illness" post on this web site.)

Parasites And Cancer

"Chronic inflammation" is a new catch phrase for the explanation of all chronic degenerative diseases from asthma, arthritis, heart diseases, and irritable bowel disease to cancers. Unrecognized low grade infection is one of the main culprits causing chronic inflammation. The link between infection and cancer has been recognized for many years and reported by many older medical practitioners. However, it has never been widely accepted by medical authorities due to a lack of reliable, reproducible data to support this observation – until now.

A missing link in the relationship between infection, inflammation, and cancer was finally provided by the brilliant, ground breaking research on stem cells done by Jean Marie Houghton, MD, Ph.D. at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Her work, specifically related to the formation of stomach cancer and, published in 2004, showed the cause and effect relationship between bacterial infection and cancer.

In addition, she showed that this relationship is hidden under the disguise of chronic inflammation. Her work led to an understanding that all forms of infectious microbes, including viruses, bacteria, and parasites, can create an inflammatory immune response which, under toxic environmental conditions, can cause cancer cells to grow.

Some other major sources of chronic inflammation to consider include: hidden dental infections, old trauma, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, chronic allergies, over training in athletes, electromagnetic stimulation, and unresolved emotional trauma. These multiple sources of inflammation create a "ring of fire" in our body. This "ring of fire" causes our immune system to lose control which then allows cancer cells to evade our immune surveillance and proliferate.

Therefore, due to the complexity of the behavior and biology of cancer cells, rather than micromanage the biochemistry of the cancer cells as in conventional treatments, our primary focus should be on detecting and eliminating the sources of inflammation. In particular, eradicating hidden infections should be one of the highest priorities for all cancer patients. Infections may come from viruses, parasites, and root canal dental infections. They can also be hidden in many different parts of organs and different layers of tissues.

Eradicating infections and inflammation should be combined with cleansing and detoxification of internal toxins and providing the nutritional support for our body to heal. Detoxification and nutritional support are the best preventive actions to reducing the cancer risk factors mentioned above.

Treatment Options

Conventional medical professionals are too eager to treat the symptoms of illness with medications without recognizing the multiple, hidden, correctable causes.

Does conventional medicine really use the proper tools to uncover parasitic infestations? One of their primary, if not sole, tests is a microbiology lab test. How reliable is this test? This test of routine stool evaluation for ova and parasites picks up less than 10 % of active infections. There are hundreds of parasites with very complicated life cycles that can exist outside the intestinal tract. Therefore they wouldn’t be detected by this test. Many of these parasites can penetrate through skin, lung, nostril and every known organ and tissue in the body.

In alternative medicine, some natural herbal remedies are often used for parasites. However, these are often not strong enough to eradicate the parasites which have been embedded deeply into one’s organs. These cases often require multiple high doses of pharmaceutical parasite medications in conjunction with herbal parasite remedies. When the patient receives the right medications for the correct dose in a proper sequence, the response can be dramatic.

For example, I know of someone who had a bronchial infection for three years that couldn’t be resolved by conventional treatments. One doctor said this person would have to live with it for the rest of his life. When he saw an alternative medicine practitioner knowledgeable in parasites, he was prescribed one course of treatment over three months that cured the "permanent" infection.

The analysis and understanding of the relationships between illnesses, symptoms, and parasites along with the proper understanding of the natural and pharmaceutical treatment options requires a special expertise even by an alternative medicine practitioner.

Unfortunately, the connection between parasites and allergy symptoms, and parasites, infection, and cancer, has not been well recognized. The only reliable proof we have for the cause and effect relationships of parasites and allergies, cancer, and other illnesses is based on clinical observation of the improvement of allergy symptoms with properly prescribed medications for the parasite infections when treated by a knowledgeable alternative medicine practitioner.

For a knowledgeable practitioner, see the description of Dr. Yu on the "Expert Friends" page of this site. Also, look for the series of articles he wrote (and I edited) on parasites.

The best course of healing is for you to see a practitioner who will create a specific course of treatment for your symptoms and condition. If you want a first start at cleansing and detoxification, I recommend this colon and parasite cleansing program.


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Ed Mass is an Alternative Medicine researcher, writer, and business coach. He works with a Board Certified M.D. who practices Alternative Medicine and a Biological Dentist who is also a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. To discover evidence based Alternative Medicine concepts and immediately useful insights for healing that are rarely discussed in the general media go to his blog at

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  1. Comment by lavinia

    I deffenetly agree on the relation between parasites and allergies,i suffer from all the above simptoms and every time i get a bood test i get a franc answer that i’m healthy…i always wondered how?i’m tired, i got yeast, migranes,i can bealy stand when tired, pains in all my body and breathing problems, sinus inffection…etc…i can’t stand meet anymore and it makes me sick every time i eat it.It’s only getting worse not better.I am on a parasite treatment for a couple of days and already feel better.The worse nightmare i have for 10 years is coming to an end i hope…As much meddicine knowledge we have today is still not enough to help us find the most common problem in the world: parasites!

  2. Comment by Dana Fritz

    I know I have a parasitic infection, also I think I have colon cancer.Colon cancer runs in my family.I dont’t have health insurance so I’m dealing with a slow nitemare.The symptoms are simular.I wonder what comes frist,any ideas?

  3. Comment by Dee Stewart

    I am 25 years old and have been suffering from “rheumatoid arthritis and “fybromyagia” for 15 months. So bad i could not walk for a majority of the time. The most awful thing i’ve ever known. I started a parasite cleanse two weeks ago and for the first time since in a year and a half, i feel normal!! i have been excercising, swimming, jumping on my trampoline!! no more food allergies!!! i’m gaining weight! i use walnut hull tincture and cloves. I am amazed how it has worked.

  4. Comment by Stephen

    To prevent from parasites and parasitic infection in our body, always do hand washing — it’s main key prevention do acquire dreadful diseases.

  5. Comment by Bill Weber

    I recovered from an intestinal parasitic infection several years ago but still suffer from a low grade bronchitis (deep cough) and periodic sinus condition. Is there a cure?

  6. Comment by David Anderson

    I am delighted to find more people promoting alternative medicine instead of just anti biotics all the time if anyone is suffering with a yeast infection please check out my site Here

  7. Comment by Ed Mass

    From my understanding in studying with health practitioners, parasites are insidious. They can move from one part or organ in the body to another and change from one type to another. For Bill, if you still suffer from a recurring condition, you may have to do more parasite cleansing. Sometimes a variety of different type of parasite remedies are needed simultaneously or sequentially. Dr. Simon Yu published a book called “Accidental Cure” which I would highly recommend that all of you obtain since you have a great interest in Alternative Medicine. Dr. Yu’s web site is

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